The Legend



”Love for a well-chosen dog lives on beyond life itself.”
Stanley Coren, ”Why we love dogs”


It all began one day when, at a dog show, I saw this wonderful white dog, his long hair touching the ground. His top knot made him look so adorable.

That image turned into a dream, a dream of white. It took me ten years to find out that that white wonder is called BICHON MALTESE and it took me another year to find the courage to devote myself to raise this breed which cannot be matched in beauty, tenderness or nobility. Today, my dream has come true: I live surrounded, loved and spoiled by the love of these angels disguised in dogs.

After several failed attempts, I finally found what I was looking for in the NISJOTIAL French kennel, one of the most prestigious kennels worldwide, with a history and a consistency in quality that are hard to match. Moreover, I realized that we had the same conception of how dogs should be raised: always close to the heart of a loving family, with a constant concern for their health, beauty and the transmission of these to gorgeous and playful puppies.

In other words, our common ideal is to favour and to promote QUALITY at all costs, even if this is to the detriment of quantity or easy money. Josiane Kriegel has been and will be my model and source of inspiration in every thing I’ve done so far or will do from now on. I’ve obtained remarkable results by applying what I’ve learnt from her, all the more since I’ve started from scratch in a country where the Maltese is still at the beginning, way too little known and valued.

On the other hand, none of these achievements would have been possible without the enthusiastic and friendly help of Lucia Peter, who is the trainer and handler of our dogs.

I would like to kindly thank all the people mentioned above, as well as those who contribute, one way or the other, to make this dream come true, as well as to everyone who believes in us and in a future in the spotlights for our small family.

What’s next? A life lit by the joy of being surrounded by tons and tons of love…


© 2006-2007 Adiela