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Choose one or more of the images listed below or any image from this site to personalize a T-Shirt. Magnify the images to see their actual size.

  Product Code: TrC001 Product Code: TrC002 Product Code: TrC003 Product Code: TrC004 Product Code: TrC005  
  Product Code: TrD001 Product Code: TrD002 Product Code: TrD003 Product Code: TrD004 Product Code: TrDB005  

To print front side - price: 15
To print both sides - price:


Type of payment: cash on delivery.

  To order, please send an e-mail to containing: the product codes (or the description of the chosen images), the size of the T-shirt (S, M, L, XL, XXL, or XXXL), the T-Shirt color (black, white, red, orange, blue, green, pink or yellow), the number of items, your name, phone number and the full address you want the order delivered to. If you want a both sides printed T-Shirt, please tell us the code for the front and the one for the back. You can also order by phone at 0732.979.439.

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